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THE NEW NORMAL: Ideas To Reinvent Your Space

When there is a need for change, sometimes we resist. Sometimes we welcome change with ideas and adventure. Sometimes change comes from necessity.

Working from home has become the new normal out of necessity. Some people like it, some love it, and some don't like it at all. Nonetheless, for the immediate future, it is here to stay.

Here are a few ideas to use the space you have, or envision space as you view new homes. Studio sheds, new homes with offices, converting a large closet, and mountain escapes are some of the coping strategies workers have used to make their circumstances work for their families.

At first, maybe you plunked your laptop down on the kitchen table. Not bad - easy to get a snack or coffee. Then it was you and your spouse or partner working in the kitchen. Maybe there are also remote learners. UGH!! I need some space!

I read this article and found out about having a remote shed to be your own, private at-home office. Check it out HERE.

Working at home presents challenges, especially if you have never done it. It takes adjustment and some strategies to keep yourself in balance, productive and face it, sane. Get creative. At Affinity Realty Group, our team of industry professional can help you rethink and reinvent your space. It's an opportunity, and you may just end up loving it.

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