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Updated: Jun 4, 2020


  1. Get those thank you notes out! Etiquette says two months after you return from the honeymoon. Yes, handwritten, and no, no one looks forward to it. Try a personal story about the guests attendance at your wedding. You will be glad you did. It may seem rote or routine to you, but your guests only gets one note! Try to personalize!

  2. Change your name:

  3. You will need your marriage certificate with the seal raised - no copies. They should send it to you but county records will have it if they didn’t.

  4. Social Security Card

  5. Driver’s license

  6. Bank accounts. You may also need new credit and debit cards.

  7. Make a list of the others: Possibilities are post office, voter registration, employee information, professional associations or affiliations, other memberships, library card, etc.

  8. There is an official name change kit - it costs money but you do it with one form, so you can decide if it’s worth it. It’ HERE (click) - FYI called hitchswitch

  9. Make an Album - you will have hundreds, thousands of photos - You can make albums or collages personalized for important people. Sorting through these takes time, so invest what is needed otherwise the time goes fast and two years later you only have the photographers website!

  10. Will you keep and preserve your dress and all of the accessories or sell your stuff. Personal choice of course. You can also donate.

  11. Preserve your bouquet. You can press and save some dried flowers or have it in an airtight dow or shadow box. Do this soon. Time flies….

  12. Preserve your gown if you decide to keep it. Have it professionally cleaned by someone who specializes in wedding gowns. To have it preserved you may want to get estimates especially depending on how complex your gown is, beadwork etc. After preserved, store the box in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

  13. The cake! Refrigerate the cake so that the icing, etc. is firm and won’t stick to saran. Wrap in several layers of saran wrap and then in an airtight bag. Some cake freezes better than others so it may be more sentimental in a year than flavorful.

  14. Plan something to look forward to so that the wedding let down is less. Invite friends over to try your new barware or plan a trip to celebrate your first anniversary.

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